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Automated testing

Your organisation constantly changes. This means your IT applications and infrastructure are in constant development to meet the latest demands. Software development projects that take months to finish are something of the past, updates follow each other rapidly. At the same time, a mistake in just one application or release can stop and harm your entire business process and consequently hit your budget and image. To secure your business process you want to test and monitor applications and infrastructures without delaying your next release. When you use the ICTestAutomation Suite you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Complete Coverage in 1 Suite:
    • Automated End-2-End testing
    • Application Performance Monitoring (APM)
    • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
    • Virtual User (VU) Load Testing
  • Every application is supported
  • Automate all user actions
  • Test real user experience
  • Point-and-click Test case wizard
  • Test what the user sees
  • Uncompromised Testing Accuracy
  • Better value and instant results


Create test case by example

ICAssistant is a solution to quickly create test cases by recording of tests executed. The test case can be edited in order to fine-tune or provide it with test data from an external source which supports OLEDB, like for example Microsoft Excel.

ICAssistant is part of the ICTestAutomation suite, which includes a portal and console in order to automate the execution of the created test cases in Scenario's on a regular basis. The portal provides extensive drill-down reports on each test run to quickly see which test cases failed or ran successfully.

  • Easy to set up
  • No programming skills required
  • Repetitive testing at any time
  • External Test data

ICTestAutomation suite modules

ICDefine, ICPortal with ICScenario and ICConnect, CitraTest, SeeTest, iDashboards

The ICTestAutomation suite contains the next modules:


Automate functional, performance and regression testing with one solution – All Applications. All Development Environments. All Web browsers


Automatic testing of mobile applications.


Define test cases without programming.


Record test case by example.

Selenium Webdriver

Add-on for cross-browser testing.


Integration with testmanagement solutions like qTest, Microsoft Azure DevOps, TesterSuite, ServiceNow, HP ALM, Jira, Jenkins, TeamCity, Git.


Create, plan and start test scenario’s.

Visualise your test results.


All features

ICTestAutomation Starter

For ICTestAutomation Starter you get a 30 day free trial to test it out. 

You will define your automated tests using TDBE (test-definition-by-example). While a manual test is executed all actions are registered – and can be displayed using the recorded movies.

Every tester, consultant or application manager can define automated test cases based on the recorded movie. Using a wizard, adjust test steps with pre-defined keywords for use of images, text, keystrokes or function keys

Use OLEDB link to connect test data to your test steps. Define variables instead of fixed data and connect data fields to rows and columns of your choice of source

For a quick start, test cases can be imported from different sources like XML, Text, CSV and Excel.

Export test cases to the ICTestAutomation suite for use in scenarios and scheduling

Every tester, consultant or application manager may define automated test cases- even on the first day of use!
Using only 20 basic commands you can automate all tests, advanced images and text recognition (OCR) is supported. You may add custom test functions specific for your own applications.

The test executions are recorded using integrated movie software- this speeds up the analysis of bugs and errors, and shows your application behavior as well as the test definitions.  Your defect findings are easily shared - including movies and screens shots- with your developers or vendors.

The new WebDriver functions are very easy to use. The test case builder only needs to know the correct CSS selector or the XPATH string.

The modular design allows for saving selected test steps - for easy reuse. Combine test cases into multiple logical business scenarios - and verify your business processes supported by multiple applications.

Advanced scheduling included. for automatic and unattended testing of selected scenario’s, for example overnight, during weekends or after each new build.

Multi-user testing, Load Testing and Performance Testing. Simultaneous test execution for selected user profiles, actions  or locations. (3 users logging in and out,  4 viewing information, 5 editing data, etc.).

ICTestAutomation integrates with the test software in your environment. The module ICConnect offers an optional and deeper integration with incident management, defect management, build servers or version control like HP ALM, TesterSuite, ServiceNow, JIRA, Microsoft Azure DevOps, Jenkins and TeamCity.

The ICTestAutomation RPA module uses software robots that automate repetitive screen work. The software robots take over search and typing work and do this quickly and without errors.

  • 24x7 - Robots work at night, during the weekend and do not take a break
  • Focus - Employees focus on activities with added value
  • Error-free - Robots deliver results with 100% accuracy
  • Reduce costs - 10 robots do the work of 100 people
  • Reduce workload - Robots can perform tasks 4-5 times faster

SeeTest Mobile Automation is an optional integrated module for automated testing of Mobile Apps or websites- from any smartphone or tablet. SeeTest provides stable object recognition using multiple methods (Web ID / NativeID / XPath / text and OCR).

Record a test only once on Android - and execute on iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phone. Tests are executed on all your mobile devices via USB or via your network - all OS versions, screen formats and browsers are supported.

24 * 7 monitoring and pro-active IT-management. Real End User metrics such as uptime % and response times are measured from you selected office locations – for any (!) application. This enables you to report on SLA’s and to manage the contracts of your suppliers. And to take the right actions - even before your end user are affected.

A cutting edge mBrace Agile Performance Test Method and Tooling, which includes the Agile Performance Test Tool that helps businesses to increase their Feature Velocity. We achieved this by applying performance modelling. As a consequence this tool is now the only one in the marketplace that makes sense when integrated into the software development process. Not only does our tool truly support software development in an agile way, it helps to drastically reduce the total cost of the test process. Ease of use and low cost bring mBrace performance testing within reach of medium and small businesses too. Structured performance testing should no longer be the exclusive domain of large IT-intensive businesses. 

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