Automating from the user perspective, without coding

One Suite, Three Modules

With ICTestAutomation you automate time-consuming manual operations, allowing software releases, security patches, hardware systems or other changes, to be put into use quickly and safely. The result can be clearly summarized: "Risk reduction, time savings, faster turnaround, fewer incidents and a shorter time-to-market".


Automated End-2-End testing

  • Testing what your end user sees
  • Testing your entire business process, not just one application
  • Testing without programming
  • Testing without modifications to your applications
  • Testing independent of underlying program code, object IDs, or controls
  • Testing with advanced OCR techniques and image verification
  • Automatic conversion of existing test cases from different platforms, such as Azure DevOps and KeyLib

Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

  • User-centric monitoring of application performance
  • Each application is supported
  • Measure and validate user SLAs
  • Be alerted at the first sign of trouble
  • Isolate slow components fast and perform root cause analysis
  • Identify geographic discrepancies in response times
  • Better response times and immediate results

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • Improved accuracy: softwarerobots don't get sick, tired, don't go on vacation and don't make mistakes
  • Cost Savings: tested and proven to provide 40% faster automation design and implementation.
  • Scalable: additional software robots can be deployed quickly with minimal investment.
  • Improved productivity: Eliminate mundane activities and free up your employees for strategic, value-added work.
  • Improved Compliance: you check with the software robots that work is being done in accordance with existing regulations and standards.

Very easy to use

ICTestAutomation can automate all time-consuming manual testing activities, so that software releases, security patches, hardware systems or other changes can be implemented quickly and safely.


Easily record tests

Test creation is now even faster! Run the test once and record it.


Testing without programming

Fast definition-without programming. Allow any end user/functional administrator or tester to create definitions, with a particularly short learning curve.



With about 20 recognizable commands you automate all cases. Use images and advanced text recognition (OCR).


Use external data

Define variables instead of fixed data and use data fields in columns from Excel, etc.



Advanced scheduling. Schedule execution periodically, such as at night, every morning and/or on weekends.



Applicatie Performance Management (APM), SLA monitoring and 24*7 chain monitoring. From desired locations and chosen interval.



For easy analysis, ICTestAutomation provides real-time and historical logs, screenshots and recorded movies of the automatic test execution.



ICTestAutomation RPA uses software robots that automate repetitive screen work. The software robots take over search and typing work and do so quickly and without error.


Selenium Webdriver

The Selenium Webdriver functions have been added to the ICDefine test case editor. So that the standard functions and the Webdriver functions can be used side by side in one test case.



ICDashboard provides online graphical reports at every level, interactively and in real-time. This provides the desired insight into the status of tests or releases for your process managers, test managers, application administrators and testers.


Simultaneous test execution

Simultaneous test execution for desired user roles, actions and locations. For Virtual User load testing, Multi-user testing, durability testing and Performance testing.


Professional user support

Online context sensitive help function, Chatting and Dutch and English language support is available. Remote support and right to software updates are included in the support contract.

Define, Combine, Connect and Insight

The suite has the ability to define, combine and integrate automatic cases and execute them via a Scenarios at regular intervals. Also, the Portal has comprehensive detail reporting on each executed Scenario to quickly view, analyze and share the results of the test runs.


ICDefine is a case editor with a point and click wizard used to define SUTs and cases. Cases can be recorded, manually defined or imported.


Define test cases without programming.

Manual Preparing

Definition By Example(DBE). Record your cases by doing.


Save selected steps for easy reuse.

Use your data

Add variable test data.


Modular design, save your chosen steps instantly for easy reuse. Combine cases in multiple logical scenarios - and verify your business processes across multiple applications.


Create, plan and launch your own scenarios.

Real time

Show real-time and historical logging.


Display graphical representation of status and performance.

Simple sharing

Export results to pdf or excel.


ICTestAutomation works together with the software in your environment. The ICConnect module provides optional and deeper integration via REST API for test management, findings management, build servers and version control.


Integrate with solutions such as Azure DevOps, TesterSuite, ServiceNow, Jira, Jenkins, TeamCity, Git and Splunk.

Without data duplication

A link that includes the status and a link to the ICTA historical run log.

With all available data

A link in which the Scenario status incl. a full JSON message incl. logging, screen capture and movie of the test run is sent to the receiving solution.


An open REST API endpoint that can be used by external solutions to retrieve test run information from ICTA.


Dashboards for every employee within your company.


Graphical information with insight into status and performance


Suitable for every level within your organisation such as process managers, test managers, application managers and testers.


Via handy widgets, it is very easy to generate graphs and dashboards. 


Status of a test run, long-term performance of a test case or test step is available.

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