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"Internal and external customers are placing increasingly higher demands on the platforms and applications they use. They want new functionalities and quick implementations. At the same time, you as an IT manager have to increase customer satisfaction and limit the risks. And all at the lowest possible cost."


This is what we stand for

the highest quality at the best price

With ICTestAutomation we offer the best selection of tools to enable automatic testing and monitoring for your organization. Needless to say, we adjust our offer to your situation and wishes.

This way we realize the highest possible return on investment for you. With ICTestAutomation you can increase the quality and speed of your software development process and at the same time guarantee the stability of your operation.


We see various challenges in organizations in the transition from product development via Waterfall to Agile / Scrum and then to DevOps. One of those challenges is the collaboration between Dev and Ops. With ICTestAutomation we offer a best practice that automatically tests during development (Dev) and combines 24/7 end to end monitors (Ops).


Automated testing and monitoring is our profession. With over 20 years of experience and an impressive track record, we are confident to say that we can also make testing and monitoring successful in your organization. Many customers preceded you: (semi-) government, SMEs and large enterprises. Curious about us, our solutions and our satisfied customers? We are happy to meet you!


ICDefine | ICAssistant | ICPortal | ICConnect | CitraTest | SeeTest | iDashboards

ICTestAutomation shows its strength and added value in heterogeneous environments and in chain integration and regression testing, because the user interface is taken as the starting point. Each type of application and infrastructure is automatically tested in a uniform manner. The Suite tests for functionality and performance. This is done without programming and regardless of the underlying code or programming language.

When using ICTestAutomation, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Cover for the complete QA suite
  • Every application is supported
  • All user actions are automated
  • Test real user experience
  • Point-and-click Test case wizard

With ICTestAutomation you automate time-consuming manual test actions, allowing software releases, security patches, hardware systems or other changes to be quickly and safely put into use.

The outcome can be summarized clearly:

"Risk reduction, time savings, faster turnaround time, fewer incidents and a shorter time-to-market."

This is how we work

Clarity within two months


DEVTOPS 2-2-2 helps you - in three clear steps - to determine why ICTestAutomation would suit your organization and how automated testing can be done. We show which results can be achieved structurally and thereby taking into account your wishes and budget.

– 2 hours –

A test consultant, together with your functional managers, will demonstrate the operation of ICTestAutomation on your applications.

PoC, objective and activities
– 2 weeks –

The Proof of Concept starts with a 2-day workshop so that the basic knowledge of ICTestAutomation is mastered.

Input for Business case & ROI
– 2 months –

The Proof of Concept provides good insight into the added value and ROI/TCO of ICTestAutomation. This allows you to make an informed decision.

    Full service technology partners

    INNOVATion and training

    TrendIC closely follows the market and continuously invest in software development and knowledge of our employees. This way TrendIC can be your best specialist for automated testing and monitoring.


    The Suite ICTestAutomation has been developed by TrendIC and consists of a selection of the best tools and software developed by us. DevTops 2-2-2- can help you make the right decisions. Our team of trainers and consultants ensure a flawless installation and training of your test team. Once operational, we support you remotely with technical application management, online knowledge bases and with our telephone or online helpdesk.

    Technical Application Administration

    For correct operation and use of the TrendIC software it is advisable to have these (remote) Technical Application Management tasks performed by TrendIC

    Installation & Training

    TrendIC provides installation services and workshop days including training materials and any additional test machines in the cloud so that you get to know our product optimally

    SUPPORT 9:00 -17:30

    Search our forum or call or email our experts for TrendIC Support.
    t: +31 182 630825


    Automated testing and monitoring also has organizational consequences in addition to applying innovative technology. That is why we work with carefully selected strategic partners who can help you with organizational aspects or platform specific projects. As a certified partner they provide strategic advice, help with the integral development of the test platform and, where necessary, provide capacity with appropriate know-how.

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    What our customers say

    "Thanks to the structured DevTops 2-2-2 implementation of ICTestautomation and efficient product training, we have been able to prevent a problematic launch. It is well worth the investment!"
    Deployment Manager
    "The satisfaction of our end users has improved significantly since the application of automated testing. New releases are better tested and can be released without errors"
    Manager Customer Satisfaction
    " Automated testing has taken away the majority of repetitive test work. Our team gets hands free for more complex tasks and is more satisfied with the content of the work"
    Manager Testteam

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